Betty White Answers Your Questions!

It's Show Week! It's a busy week coming up and the days are never going to seem long enough. As it is, I can't believe it's afternoon already. But I can't complain because it's going to be a lot of fun seeing all the finishing touches come together. This week we have the Statue Pouring where our Actor Statuettes are cast in solid bronze, and then behind the scenes events where we'll show off the food and decor, highlight items we have for the Ceremony Auction (there's some really good stuff!), give you an inside look to the seating for the show and our Red Carpet roll out! Get excited.

Last week we spent a little bit of time with Betty White. She participated in SAG Foundation's Storyline Online, and then she sat down, made her first video blog, and answered some of the questions that you all submitted. She has really great stories, and she's done so much that it's always a good time to chat with her. Every time I'm with her, people around us are always excited to tell her how much they love her, and Betty's such a doll and has a great sense of humor. I hope that when I'm 88 years old, that I am that awesome.

We're still taking questions for the committee, for what is probably their first vlog as well, so submit them here. They're anxiously waiting to answer your questions!

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  1. She is so sweet. I really enjoy hearing her talk about her life.