How To Throw Your Own SAG Awards Party

Step 1. Watch this clip from the KTLA morning show with SAG Event Supervisor Andrea Wyn Schall, Los Angeles Chef and Restauranteur Suzanne Goin, and KTLA's Allie MacKay for insider tips and tricks on mimicking the gorgeous table settings that we will have at Saturday's awards.

Suzanne Goin, Andrea Wyn Schall, and Allie MacKay at Suzanne's Lucques

Step 2.
Stop by Suzanne Goin's Brentwood restaurant, Tavern, and pick up a SAG Awards Picnic box, which features dishes like roasted winter vegetables and grilled Colorado lamb tenderloin. That way you won't have to peel a huge mound of carrots by yourself.

Man, that's a lot of carrots!

Step 3. While you're out, pick up a bottle or two of Taittinger champagne - we're celebrating tonight!

Step 4. Print out nominations sheets and have your guests guess the winners.

Step 5. Tune in to The People Magazine and TNT Live Red Carpet Show at 3:15pm PST this Saturday on TNT/TBS, to be followed by our live show!

Step 6. (Most importantly) have fun!

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