SAG Awards in Support of the Challenged Athletes Foundation

SAG Award's Andrea Schall, Kathy Connell, Chris Carr and Carrie White; back: Lamar (left) during his challenge

On July 14th, the SAG Awards team came out to support Lamar Sepulveda, husband to Executive in Charge of Publicity Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda, as he completed his Pay it Forward challenge by breaking the Guinness World Record for miles on a treadmill in 12 hours.

By hour 10, Lamar had broke the existing record. By the end of his 12 hour run he had broken the world record with 64.35 miles! His drive? Raising awareness and funds for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, a charity that provides grants and support for athletes with disabilities. (Donate here!)

Go Lamar!!!

Lamar (left) and Rosalind spending some quality time together.

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