Dial H for Hitchcock

“If I won’t be myself, who will?”
-Alfred Hitchcock

Espionage, Thriller, Horror, Drama. One man.

A timeless director with films in every genre, Alfred Hitchcock was the man who pushed boundaries, thus creating the star-studded film universe that cinema lovers admire. Hitchcock worked with countless outstanding actors including SAG Life Achievement Award Recipients James Stewart (6th), Paul Newman (22nd), and Julie Andrews (43rd).

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Did you know?
1.     When finishing a cup of tea while on set, Hitchcock would often toss the cup and saucer over his shoulder, letting it fall (or break) where it may.
2.     He appeared on a 32-cent stamp in the U.S. Postal Service's "Legends of Hollywood" series.
3.     Although he was nominated five times, Hitchcock never won a best director Oscar®.
4.     He appears in a cameo role in all of his films.
5.     He was a man with two fears: the police and eggs.
6.     For "Psycho," he deferred his standard $250,000 salary in lieu of 60% of the film's net profits. His personal earnings from the film exceeded $15 million. Adjusted for inflation, that amount would now top $150 million (as of 2006).

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Can’t get enough Hitchcock horror? Tune in to Turner Classic Movies for Sundays with Hitch for the rest of the month of September!

Sundays with Hitch Schedule on Turner Classic Movies:
Sunday, September 15th
10:00 am: Number Seventeen
11:15 am: The Trouble with Harry
1:15 pm: Family Plot
3:30 pm: The Man Who Knew Too Much
5:45 pm: Vertigo
8:00 pm: Rear Window
10:00 pm: To Catch a Thief
12:00 am: The Farmer’s Wife

Sunday, September 22nd
10:00 am: The Skin Game
11:30 am: Lifeboat
1:15 pm: The Lady Vanishes
3:15 pm: Topaz
5:45 pm: Torn Curtain
8:00 pm: The 39 Steps
9:30 pm: Sabotage
11:00 pm: The Dick Cavett Show

Sunday, September 29th
10:00 am: Rich and Strange
12:00 pm: Mr. and Mrs. Smith
2:00 pm: Suspicion
4:00 pm: Strangers on a Train
6:00 pm: Dial M for Murder
8:00 pm: Rebecca
10:15 pm: Notorious

*All films in Eastern Time (ET)

Visit tcm.com/schedule/ for more TCM programming!

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