Acceptance Speech Highlights: Part 5

"As a brand spanking – or 'Spanxing' – new mom, I keep finding myself referring to the cliché of “It takes a village to raise a child.” And the same is very much true of making a television series. And it means everything to be here with my buddies, my cast, my brilliant cast."

— Claire Danes, Female Actor in a Drama Series

"Oh my God! This is ridiculous. So again I have to say thank you to Tina and to all of our writers, great, great writers; it’s the end of our show, which is sad, everybody’s sad about that. It was the greatest experience I’ve ever had. … And my agent Matt DelPiano from CAA asked me to thank him, and to mention that he was the greatest agent in the history of show business. And I want to say now that I’m out of a job and I’m unemployed, Matt DelPiano is the greatest agent in the history of show business."

— Alec Baldwin, Male Actor in a Comedy Series

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