The Actors® That Didn't Get Cast

The Actor®, the patina-coated statuette with a notoriously well-sculpted backside, has been the beloved symbol of the show for 18 years(!). But he hasn't always looked this good.

The concept for the final statue was this: he would be in process of selecting between comedy and tragedy masksdeciding between rolesand he would be a blank canvas awaiting makeup, costume and direction. In this way, he could become any character at any time. Essentially, he was to represent all performers; "ready to incorporate the work of other artists into his task as it unfolds." 

Designers Jim Hiemann and Jim Barnett sketched a variety of options for the SAG Awards committee's consideration back in 1994. They had to get the details just right (notice the various headgear and pedestals).

On the cutting room floor? These guys:

And the final?

And with the patina:


VIDEO: 18th Statuette Pouring with Betsy Brandt and Creed Bratton 

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