10 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Thespian Dad

Haven't gotten around to getting that Father's Day gift? We've got you covered: a round up of some great gifts for those of you with dads who are actors.

You're Welcome.

  1. Get Organized
    Ledgers, notebooks, file folders or planners can be great for keeping track of auditions, castings, call-backs and union contact numbers. 

  2. Collector's sets and movie collections
    Because who doesn't love having the classics or a set of films by their favorite director?

  3. Subscriptions to industry trade magazines
    Keeping up with castings and industry news can be invaluable.

  4. Acting Classes or Workshops
    Check your local listings for any that are in your area. (If you're in LA, BS has a great list of studios and classes)

  5. Headshots
    New headshots can make all the difference. Surprise dad by setting up an appointment with a local professional photographer.

  6. Films you think He'll Love
    If you know your dad pretty well, getting him some movies you think he'll love may go a long way. Put some thought into it: include notes or a letter explaining why you think he may find the film interesting. 

  7. Movie Theater Gift Certificates
    At today's box office prices, going to the movies often can get expensive fast. What better way to offset those costs than getting good ol' pops a gift certificate to his favorite movie theater? 

  8. Premium memberships to instant streaming or download sites
    Another great way to keep great films within reach.

  9. Vintage or Personalized Movie Posters
    A quick internet search will pull up loads of great places to start. (Jaws poster)

  10. SAG-AFTRA merch
    Please excuse our shameless plug. The SAG-AFTRA shop has great stuff for actors. Check it out here. (Hint: Highlighter pens and hoodies are big hits)

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