SAG Awards Trivia Question #9

Ready for the last question in this year's SAG Awards trivia quiz?!

Dick Van Dyke, who will be presenting the SAG Awards 18th Life Achievement Award to Mary Tyler Moore on Sunday, has played a married couple in all of these except:

A. The Dick Van Dyke Show
B. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
C. Dick Van Dyke and the Other Woman
D. The Gin Game

Guess! Then see if you're right after the jump.

And the answer is....B. The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

And that wraps it up for this year's SAG Awards Trivia! How well did you do?

The 18th Annual SAG Awards will be simulcast live this Sunday (!) on TNT/TBS. 8pm ET/5pm PT.

Every Tuesday and Thursday in January, we'll be posting trivia questions related to the show on our Facebook and Twitter. Keep checking back for new questions and answers!

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