Closing out the week...1/14/11

The SAG Awards production office is closing out another busy week of work. Besides the little sick bug flying around the office, it turned out to be a very eventful week of work...

We started out the week with Tosha Whitten Griggs our Publicity Consultant and TV Guide interviewing Ernest Borgnine. It will be posted as soon as we get it. Our Bleacher Seat Auction ended this week and we got a great response once again for this year.

On Wednesday our in house interviewer Carrie White Publicity Auction/Asset Manager along with USA Today had a one on one with Ernest Borgnine. It was held at the SAG Foundation Actor's Center. If you would like to watch the interview: Check our blog post, our Facebook page and the SAG Awards website.

Thursday we had a SAG Committee meeting and celebrated Gloria Fujita O'Brien's birthday who is a supervising producer by singing to her and having some delicious cake.

A new wave of the future has hit us this year, with SAG members being able to watch some of the nominated films on iTunes. Our two awards assistant's Annika & Stan have been answering phones non-stop this week from all our SAG member's calling in.

We had another successful week of our SAG Trivia. Which will be continuing on all the way through show week. So please keep checking in and don't be afraid to leave some feedback.

Today which is Friday we have been working hard to get things done before the weekend comes along. Some of us will be working over the weekend, so we feel for you and hope it goes by quickly. On a good note we had In-n-Out for lunch today at the office and come 5 O'clock we have our own version of "Happy Hour". All of us gather around the front office area with our world famous Guacamole and Chips made from our Exec in Charge Benn Fleishman. It really is one of the best Guacamole dips I have ever tasted.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and we will start off Monday full throttle. Countdown is only 2 1/2 weeks til show day...

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