A Moment with the SAG Awards Committee

It's been a while since our last post - sorry! We're here wrapping up post show. I hope you enjoyed the show and we've put out some videos for you and working on a few more for those of you who may have missed the show - or just want to see it again! Check out our Facebook page for photos leading up to the show and behind the scenes on Show Day. It was a lot of fun. Crazy busy, but definitely fun.

On one of the days I was able to sit down with the whole committee and ask them a few of the questions that were submitted on the blog. Sorry I couldn't get to all the questions! I think it's cute how they interact together and how well they all get along. They have also had so many different experiences, and it's fascinating to hear a tidbit of their stories. I hope that this video makes you kind of feel like you are there with me, because if I could bring you all along, I would.

Get to know the committee in the video below. Please excuse the loud banging noises in the background - We taped this on the show room floor, and stage set up was going on directly to my right, their left. Also there's a promo for the watching the show. We taped this before the show, but it was so busy, that the video wasn't ready until now.

Also, here is the portion of the TNT/TBS pre-show webcast that shows Scott & JoBeth announcing the Stunt Honors recipients for film and TV this year. It's entertaining, even though Scott didn't wear his dress. And if you didn't already know: find out who was nominated and who who was honored for Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in film and television.


  1. I followed the SAG Awards for the first time this year. It was great learning about the process and being introduced to the committee via the web. Thanks for all your hard work!