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This week we're running a contest on our twitter to promote our Bleacher Seat Auction! If you haven't heard about it yet - let me tell you.

The Bleacher Seat auction is really cool in the sense that there is an opportunity to have your very own spot in the bleachers that line our red carpet and you watch the stars arrive, see them being interviewed, and be a part of the madness of the red carpet. The first time I experienced the red carpet, it was a lot different than I thought it would be, and definitely a lot different than you would ever see on TV. If you ever get an opportunity to do it, you definitely should. Aside from seeing all the super celebrities, you get to take photos of your favorite stars, and maybe even get autographs. It may be a little pricey - but some auctions are going for the same price as a concert! And proceeds go to charity. A Win Win situation. Additionally - if you join the Twitter contest and re-tweet for us, we're giving away a prize pack

1. See your favorite stars
2. It's for charity!
3. You can brag to your friends that you got to go and they didn't
4. There's a good chance you'll be on TV and your mom can say "OMG I see you"
5. There's a high possibility that there will be a food truck you can eat at afterwards.

Okay, let's get back to winning free stuff. All you have to do is follow us on twitter (@SAGawards), re-tweet "Bid on SAG Awards Red Carpet Bleacher seats! LIVE NOW from Jan 4-11. RT to enter to win a @SAGawards prize pack." And you're entered to win. It's that easy. Don't you like easy? I do.

Today, we announced a few names of people who are going to present at the show - some really hot names. Personally, out of that group I'm most excited to see George Clooney (are you shocked?) and Chris & Michelle were super sweet at nominations - so I'm glad they're coming back. There are some more really awesome people that we'll be letting you know about in the next week that I promise you won't want to miss either. Bid now!!

Click here to bid. Auction ends January 11th!

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