It's a new year and this is our new blog. We've had a few in other places, and we're slowly migrating the posts over, but this is where it's at... Thanks for joining us. We have some fun times planned for the show this year, and I can't believe that the show is less than three weeks away.

Let's give you a little bit of an introduction. My name is Jean and I do the social media for the SAG Awards. So when you see those Twitter updates, and the Facebook posts - it's usually me. I've got a little help from our networks, but mostly it's me trying to field everything - so be nice, because I like you, too.

There's someone else I'd like you to meet. He's the newest member of the SAG Awards production team, Phelps. (I really wanted to name him Lou, but got out voted.) He joined us today and I think he's settled in well.

The past month that we were in the office and trying to plan for the show, I never thought that January would come so fast. Now I'm looking at the calendar FILLED plans that we have for the next three weeks, and eating dinners in the office. We sign our lives away for a few weeks for some pad thai and pineapple fried rice.

In the upcoming weeks, we'll have contests and giveaways (there's one going on right now!!). Prize packs and SAG Awards swag. I'm hoping to have some vlogs featuring some members of our production crew, and let you in on a little bit of the madness that goes on around here, but not too much because we can't reveal all our secrets. We're going to have some Q&A blogs with our Life Achievement honoree Betty White (love her!), the SAG Awards committee and possibly (hopefully) a few other guests may come our way.

Follow us. Friend us. Read us. Tune in.

Welcome to the blog of the Screen Actors Guild Awards!!


  1. Is anyone else having trouble with http://www.sagawardsrsvp.org/

    When I register, a pin is assigned. After entering SAG number and pin from email - log in failed.

    The exact instructions on http://www.sagawardsrsvp.org/ state that the email will ask further questions but the email only provides the pin number.

    This is so frustrating as it happened last year as well! Any help is appreciated as I would like the updated information regarding screenings. Thank you!

  2. Sorry you're having trouble. We'd like to help you, but can't if we don't know who you are. You can email awardsinfo@sagawards.org for more help if you continue to have issues. Hope it gets resolved soon!